I am a down-to-earth contemporary shaman, just like my grandfather. In my autobiography (see under Author) I describe my unconventional education in shamanism. Next to using some traditional tools of the trade, I mostly work from a practical, middle of the road approach. 

I have studied various disciplines, methods and techniques in psychology, bio-energetics, psychodrama and alternative healing methods. I also explored the wisdom of mystics and Eastern philosophies, especially Buddhism. With a sense of respect and unity I include elements of all of these in my work.

In the past I gained experience in secretarial work, organization and management with international enterprises and institutions like the United Nations.

A dramatic period in my life led to a search of timeless questions like who am I and why am I here? I looked for answers in personal development, travelled to all continents and came into contact with many diverse cultures and philosophies. And gratefully found the answer: daring to live in the unknown from a place of oneness and connectivity. It means living my life with both feet grounded, welcoming all aspects of being human and enjoying life to the full. From this felt sense of oneness I dedicate myself to my clients.

As of 1989 I built an international practice for individuals and organizations in health care, education, sports, culture and corporate world. I give consultations - in person and by Skype -, workshops and presentations, in the Netherlands and Germany, Canada and the United States.

In Vancouver I produced and presented a weekly radio programme Marx on Awareness, in which I interviewed Eckhart Tolle, author of "The Power of Now" and "New Earth", as well as Sam Keen, Mary Manin Morrissey and Marion Woodman.

The authenticity of my work lies in the combination of inherited shamanistic gifts, experience in the corporate world, study and life experience.

Van secrataresse tot sjamaan

German version
Launched at
Frankfurt Bookfair

ISBN 978 3 944146 78 2
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Van secrataresse tot sjamaan

Dutch version
ISBN 978 90 259 6156 5
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