Personal Coaching

On a personal level many challenges are related to stress and issues that need to be resolved. In modern life physical and mental overload threatens our well-being. Problems often arise out of old fears and beliefs, stored in our subconscious. They can influence how we respond to what life is offering.
My work is aimed at restoring contact with the inner wisdom and the self-healing ability of the client. In tying those to the universal energy flow and daily existence, challenges can be met from a more grounded space.

I offer a holistic approach by applying ancient shamanic aspects, such as connecting to other dimensions and power animals, and combining it with working on spiritual, emotional, rational and psychosocial levels. The healing power in my hands gives the necessary energetic and physical support to this process; it cleans the aura and relieves stress.
Listening to the question of the client, I read the energy and vibration of the person and the situation. Then I work interactively, to make space for insights and to find a creative flow on all levels of being. Meditations are used for the client to be consciously present with what is happening in the moment.
Traditional shamanic practices such as performing rituals, contacting (unwanted) entities and energy-cleaning of spaces, are also part of my work.

The goal is to live in balance and inner freedom, to be consciously present in the here and now.

Examples of issues

  • deal with the issue of death / divorce / dramatic life change
  • burnt out and wanting to feel good / normal / more alive again
  • rebalancing the energy in a house, for instance after a divorce
  • still feel the after-effect of an old incident in body and mind
  • a ritual to release the remnants of a specific issue
  • seeking spirituality and more meaning of life