My work is aimed at restoring contact with your inner wisdom so that you can become more conscious of the connection with yourself and everything around you – from your direct environment to nature and universe, visible and invisible – and how you can apply this in your daily life.

These are examples of issues people come to see me for:

  • lost contact with myself and my intuition
  • feel drawn to the ancient wisdom of shamanism
  • contact with power animal and guides
  • release the spirits of ancestors and remnants of past lives
  • burnt out and wanting to feel good, normal, more alive again
  • deal with death, divorce or a dramatic change in life
  • rebalance body, mind and soul after an incident or accident
  • rebalance the energy in a house, for instance after a divorce or a loss
  • a ritual to release the residues of a specific issue
  • difficult decision in career: which direction to take, maximizing skills and talent


My work is aimed at establishing a balance between the personal, professional and corporate social responsibility. Many challenges are related to conflicts in the workplace and flawed systems. The pitfalls often lie in unconscious patterns; my work is ideally suited to bring those patterns to the surface. As a shaman I see through (organizational) structures.

These are examples of issues organizations come to see me for:

  • different look at teambuilding
  • support in positioning the right person in the right place
  • creative ideas or productivity need to be brought to a higher level
  • the energy in the workplace needs adjusting for compatibility and efficiency


My services:

  • consultations, private and corporate, in person and online
  • readings, including business readings
  • healings, including activating self-healing capacity
  • shamanic journeying and soul retrieval
  • drumming and chanting; sound healing
  • stress release
  • rituals, preparation and implementation
  • energy clearing of physical spaces
  • reading energies and vibrations of people and organizations, photos and products, situations and sites
  • teambuilding

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