As a shaman I connect the visible and the invisible worlds. I inherited shamanic gifts from my grandfather and use them to translate the timeless wisdom of shamanism into everyday life, to connect individuals and organizations to their true selves and the flow of universal energy.
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My shamanic gifts include reading energy, using the healing power in my hands, and communication with other dimensions, accompanied by drumming and chanting. My work with energy waves is like that of a radio station: tuning in, receiving signals and broadcasting. It allows me to read energies and vibrations of people and animals, photos and objects, situations and sites. The healing power in my hands gives energetic and physical support to this process; it cleans the aura and relieves stress.

Rituals are powerful, symbolic acts, often with a spiritual core. In numerous phases of life these are meaningful and applicable, for example to support transformation or harmony. The preparation is just as important as the implementation. Whenever a ritual is agreed upon, there is extensive consultation on content and ultimate purpose in order to achieve the maximum effect.

The energy cleaning of spaces is needed when the effects of former events still hang around or the atmosphere appears stuck. This may be the case in a personal or working environment, for example after a divorce or a merger. I make contact with the situation or event and smudge and purify the place. Sometimes we can feel the warm breath of our ancestors in our neck or sense the presence of a wandering soul in our homes. I make contact with the entity and help them to let go of this particular situation, sever the threads to the earth and transcend to the beyond.

Shamanism is of all times, traditions and cultures; a spiritual wisdom rooted in the connection with nature and all of creation. Shamans, mystics and indigenous people have lived their lives conscious of this connection. So did our ancestors. It is our opportunity now to rediscover living in unity with ourselves, the worlds around us and beyond.