Shamanic Consultant

In business, many challenges are related to conflicts in the workplace and flawed systems. The pitfalls often lay in unconscious patterns; my work is ideally suited to bring those patterns to the surface. As a shaman I see through (organizational) structures and connect extremes.

For an entrepreneur, a balance between the personal, professional and spiritual is important to be able to meet challenges and come to solutions. I offer a holistic approach, using both shamanic and conventional methods, focusing on restoring and/or deepening the contact with the client’s inner wisdom and (business) intuition.

Companies and organizations benefit from a holistic approach as well. It enhances their vitality when all aspects of being human and our environment are assimilated. Besides, a growing number of consumers expect corporate social responsibility (CSR), both in policy, strategy and product or service.

My shamanic view on a company or organization guarantees an innovative approach. In my worldwide practice as a shamanic consultant I mostly work in the areas of health, education, sports, corporations and the creative sector. In the past I gained experience in secretarial work, organization and management with international enterprises and institutions.

I read energies and vibrations of people and organizations, photos and products, situations and sites; sensing and naming the underlying processes.
Shamanic methods, like rituals or energy-clearing (see under Shaman), can be effective in healing a difficult situation. It creates space for constructive changes, assuming a balance between people, planet and profit.

The goal is, to loosen structures that are stuck, maximize potential and flow, and stimulate corporate social responsibility.

Examples of issues

  • difficult decision in career: which direction to take, maximizing skills and talent
  • ready to (re)formulate the essence of the organization
  • assessment and tools needed for working together more effectively
  • difficulty in positioning the right person in the right place
  • creative ideas / productivity have dried up
  • the energy in the workplace needs adjusting for compatibility and efficiency