Lectures, presentations and workshops about

  • autobiography
  • oneness-consciousness
  • contemporary shamanism
  • intuition and intention

Presentation: autobiography

Using the autobiography as illustration, together we explore how to find your true self, learn to live in the unknown and find one's place in this world.

Presentation: Oneness and individuality in everyday life

In all ways - genetically, ecologically, economically, emotionally and spiritually - humankind is connected to all that is. With images, facts and meditations the influence of oneness in our daily life is demonstrated, as well as the importance of our individuality.

Workshop: contemporary shamanism and mindfulness

In this interactive workshop we explore the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, both on personal and group level. A variety of methods is used to investigate how mindfulness, and the wisdom and symbols of the old shamanism can inspire and enrich our daily life.

Workshop: intuition and intention

A workshop about connecting with, listening to and sharpening our intuition. We focus on what our understanding of intuition is and we look at our own receptivity to the intuitive impulse. We explore how our intuition plays a role in meeting others and in the interaction with our environment.

Once we have learned how to listen to our intuition, it is easier to get to know what we want, what is good for our whole system. We can then start to create by consciously setting intentions to reach for goals that are beneficial for ourselves and for the greater good of all concerned.