Shamanic Coach

Everyone and everything is connected

Understanding this connection can enrich your life.

First of all there is the connection to yourself.
When this is missing or not felt, you may not be at home in your own skin, or could repeatedly experience the same problems.
When the connection with the spiritual part of yourself is elusive, your creativity may not flow freely, or you may not be able to find the meaning of your life.

Change is possible, even the brain can do it (neuroplasticity).
I am honored to coach you in this process of change, because when you are connecting, it is good for you, for your personal environment, and for all.

  • I give in depth sessions, in person and online. In addition I offer workshops and presentations to individuals and organizations, including teambuilding. I invite you to go here for a short video about my work.

My method is holistic. I work on psychological, physical, energetical and spiritual levels; often supported by drumming, chanting, and your power animal or guide.

I help you to connect to your own power, inner wisdom and self-healing capacity. You learn to sharpen your intuition and perception of the senses. You learn to look differently at old emotional wounds, and if needed make contact with your ancestors and past lives. Your inner balance can be restored.

I'll show you how you can apply this in your daily life. And how mindfulness, consciously being present in the here and now, can ease the desired changes.

As shamanic coach I connect the visible and invisible worlds.
In thirty years of practice I have helped many people worldwide to overcome problems and live their lives freely as their true self.
My life's path brought me to the wonders of modern science as well as to the timeless wisdom of mystics, shamans and indigenous people. I combine the acquired knowledge with my life's experience and the healing shamanic gifts I inherited from my grandfather.

I am grateful that in this time of division I have been given the tools to let you experience this connection. And to pass on that we as human beings are connected to ourselves and to nature, that everything that lives on our beautiful Mother Earth and beyond matters.

Van secrataresse tot sjamaan

Dutch version
ISBN 978 90 259 6156 5
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