Shaman / Coach

Everyone and everything is connected

As a shaman I connect the visible and the invisible world. I act as a guide to individuals and organizations to experience this connection and find applications for all aspects of daily life. My focal points:

  • oneness-consciousness:
    the connection between the personal and the universal
  • power animals and guides
  • inner wisdom and self-healing capacity
  • reading energies and vibrations of humans and animals,
    photos, situations and products
  • business spirituality 

In addition to workshops and presentations, I give in depth sessions, in person and online. I invite you to go here for a short video about my work as a shamanic coach.


Since the beginning of time, shamanism is a worldwide mystical tradition that is based in and teaches the unity of all things. Shamanism is now recognized as one of the oldest, most essential layers of our global human history. 


As quantum-physics and Einstein have shown, everything is connected and works together as a whole system. For instance: in essence, human and star originate from the same material, and a butterfly in Tokyo can cause a hurricane in New York. And most of us have experienced the phenomenon that when we consider calling someone, often he or she will contact us first. Inherent in the dna of our cells, we are energetically, spiritually and materially connected with everything around us.


Mystics and shamans of all times and traditions have lived their lives conscious of oneness, as did our ancestors. It is our opportunity now to rediscover living in unity with all of creation.

The time has come to lead our lives and inhabit this earth in a different, more conscious way. The road is been cleared for this transformation, because we are finding out that the systems we have lived on in the last decades separate us from oneness and no longer work. We experience this disconnection especially in today's economics and ecology.

Worldwide change has been predicted. The good news is that humankind is neurologically capable of change; it turns out that our brain is flexible and can readjust and reorganise. 

If you are looking for a life coach with a wealth of experience that has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world get unstuck, tap into their true potential and achieve their hopes and dreams, you are definitely in the right place.

Van secrataresse tot sjamaan

Dutch version
ISBN 978 90 259 6156 5
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