A captivating tale of loss, liberation and oneness;
of discovering inherited shamanic powers and a worldwide
vision quest into embodying this gift with authenticity.


After a series of losses and challenges Astrid Marx asks the universal questions: "Who am I?" and "What is the meaning of life?" Her search for answers leads her to a journey from the Netherlands to Indigenous cultures in Australia and North America, and to study Eastern religions and mystics of ancient traditions.

During this voyage, the various layers of her personality are unveiled and she finds peace and freedom in being her true self.

Astrid discovers she has inherited the shamanic powers of her grandfather. It takes a four-year long vision quest before she is able to accept this gift wholeheartedly and to find an authentic, down-to-earth way to work as a contemporary shaman.

And she finds answers to the timeless questions of existence by learning to be in the unknown and the here and now. She embraces the mystery of everyday life in the realization that we are all connected to everything that is.

The aim of the book is to inspire people to discover their own authentic self and take their place in the whole fabric of life in this universe.

Available in Dutch and German. The updated English version will be released this year.

Van secrataresse tot sjamaan

Dutch version
ISBN 978 90 259 6156 5
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