What is shamanism?

Shamanism is of all times, traditions and cultures; a spiritual wisdom rooted in the connection with nature, spirit and all of creation. Shamans, mystics and Indigenous peoples have lived their lives conscious of this connection. So did our ancestors. It is our opportunity now to rediscover living in unity with ourselves, the worlds around us and beyond.

Modern shamanism combines ancient shamanic wisdom with contemporary techniques for healing, personal growth, and self-discovery. Elements of psychology, energy healing, and mindfulness are incorporated to navigate the complexities of modern life.


What kind of career or business related matters do you address?

I specialize in assisting with career or business related challenges such as these:

  • how to stay grounded amidst turbulence on the workfloor
  • focus on your talent
  • find ways to maximize your skills
  • assist in making difficult decisions such as which direction to take
  • lost contact with self and intuition
  • burnt out and wanting to feel good, normal, more alive again


With what kind of personal and spiritual needs can I come to you?

In my practice of over 30 years these are the items that most came up to be successfully healed and transformed with shamanic and holistic methods:

  • lost contact with self and intuition
  • more depth, feeling of connection, in daily life
  • contact with power animals, guides, ancestors
  • release the unhealthy spirits of ancestors and remnants of past lives
  • deal with death, divorce or a dramatic change in life
  • rebalance body, mind and soul after an incident or accident
  • a ritual to release the residues of a specific issue
  • feeling drawn to the ancient wisdom of shamanism


How do your sessions work virtually?

Mystics and shamans have always known it, and now it has been confirmed by quantum physics and other science: everything and everyone is indeed connected and working as a holistic system; all matter in the universe is built up of the same material called atoms. We are vibrating quarks of energy, light and intelligence. As Einstein said: “We have all been wrong, what we called matter was energy.”

All healing is energetic, not bound by time or space. My experience with clients in video calls across the world is that the energy can be experienced and effective if you are open to it.


How do you use rituals?

Rituals are powerful, symbolic acts, often with a spiritual core. In numerous phases of life these are meaningful and applicable, for example to support transformation or harmony. The preparation is just as important as the implementation. Whenever a ritual is agreed upon, there is extensive consultation on content and ultimate purpose in order to achieve the maximum effect.

Van secrataresse tot sjamaan

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