As a shamanic coach I build bridges between the visible and invisible worlds. I inherited the gift of the shaman from my grandfather and learned to embody a down-to-earth contemporary version, as I describe in my book.

My life's path brought me to the timeless wisdom of mystics, shamans, Indigenous people and Eastern philosophies. I have studied various disciplines, methods and techniques in psychology, bio-energetics, psychodrama and alternative healing methods. With a sense of respect and unity I include elements of all of these in my work.

My shamanic gifts include communication with other dimensions, drumming and chanting. Working with energy waves is like being a radio station: tuning in, receiving signals and broadcasting. It allows me to read energies and vibrations of people and animals, photos and objects, situations and sites. The healing power in my hands gives energetic and physical support to this process; it cleans the aura and relieves stress.

I have lived and worked in the Netherlands and Germany, Canada and the USA. In Vancouver I had a weekly radio program, Marx on Awareness, in which I interviewed shamanic and metaphysical teachers including Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now and New Earth.

With over thirty years of practice I combine the acquired knowledge with my life’s experience and shamanic gifts to help many people worldwide to overcome problems and live their lives freely as their true self.

I left the corporate world when I realized it is my mission to show people how they can benefit from integrating ancient shamanic wisdom into modern life.

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Van secrataresse tot sjamaan

Dutch version
ISBN 978 90 259 6156 5
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