Working with individuals and professionals, in person and online, I give sessions and offer a course and presentations. Click here for a short video about my work. See more at About and FAQs.

In addition to single sessions I offer an intensive 11-week program called the Joy of Being to help you become unstuck and connect with your true self, providing tools for navigating challenges and for attaining a balanced life. Click here for more information.

My approach is holistic, focused on psychological, physical, energetical and spiritual wellbeing; supported by ancient shamanic tools, drumming, chanting, and your power animal or guide.

You will be guided to connect to your own power, inner wisdom and self-healing capacity. You learn to sharpen your intuition and perception of the senses, get to look differently at old emotional wounds, and if needed make contact with your ancestors and past lives.

You receive tools that you can apply in your daily life, and learn how you can transform your life through mindfulness and consciously being present in the here and now.

Shamanic coaching sessions include:

  • healing the balance of body, mind and soul
  • peeling off layers to recover your true self
  • shamanic journey; soul retrieval
  • connecting with power animals, guides and/or ancestors
  • drumming and chanting; sound healing
  • stress release
  • rituals, preparation and implementation
  • energy clearing of space

Email to book your consultation.